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Cliplight Hemitech One Flashlight 223112


HEMITECH ONE™, the first worklight to use the new efficient and powerful Array LED technology. The benefits are clear: powerful, perfect circular beam, compact, and durable.

Charging station included

Optional 12 V DC charger & magnet

All parts user replaceable in minutes

Cotter Pin Kit 555 pcs Kit#K205


Atlas Cotter Pin Kite includes:

1 x Container
150x 1/16″X1″
150x 3/32″X1″
150x 3/32″X1-1/2″
75x 1/8″X1-1/4″
50x 1/8″X2″
30x 5/32″X2-1/2″

Golden Premium Hook Rack Set 26 Wipers + Sign and Rack


Golden Automotive Premium Hook Type Wipers frameless design is manufactured to perform at its peak in all weather condition.

Easy to install with its double clip insures your wipers will firmly be connected to your vehicle.

They come standard with a hook type clip that fits over 85% of vehicles on the road.

Aerodynamic design reduces windlift and noise during wiping at high vehicle speed.

High quality graphite coated soft natural rubber blade with UV resistant ability allows smooth and streak-free wiping in all weather and climate conditions.

Premium Model contains a 1 piece design with no plastic end caps – to be replacing the Golden Originals


2 x of Each

13″ – 14″ – 15″ – 16″ – 17″ – 18″ – 19″ – 20″ – 21″ – 22″ – 24″ – 26″ – 28″

1 x Metal Hanging Rack

1 x Metal Sign

Michelin Tire Inflator 1991


Original Michelin 3.5″ Dial Type Gauge with Rubber Protection
-5Ft Hose
-0.7 to 12 bar and 10 to 174 PSI
-Max. air pressure: 15 bar
-90 day warranty from date of purchase


Wipeco Nitrile Gloves Box of 100 Black Disposable

$19.95 $15.99

Powder-free black 5mil nitrile disposable glove with a rolled cuff.
AQL 4.0 – 100% Latex Free

– Excellent oil and grease resistance
– Great cut and puncture resistance
– Black color hides dirt
– Lightly textured for better grip
– Ambidextrous