Liquidation Golden Original Wiper Blade


We are changing to the Golden Premium Hook Model which has the same great hook, upgraded materials and no plastic end caps

Ask about our change over program

You can still purchase the Golden Originals until the stock is depleted


Golden Automotive wipers frameless design is manufactured to perform at its peak in all weather condition. Easy to install with its double clip insures your wipers will firmly be connected to your vehicle. They come standard with a hook type clip that fits over 85% of vehicles on the road. Aerodynamic design reduces windlift and noise during wiping at high vehicle speed. High quality graphite coated soft natural rubber blade with UV resistant ability allows smooth and streak-free wiping in all weather and climate conditions.

Brake Line Coated 25ft

– Double walled steel tubing (no open seams)

– Steel treated with double-sided copper coating prior to rolling

– Tubing exterior protected with green zinc dichromate plating to help shield against the corrosive effects of road abrasion and road treating chemicals

– Tubing double annealed for improved workability, easy bending and flaring

– .028″ tubing wall meets or exceeds OE specification for brake line tubing

– Zinc plating thickness specification ≥ 6μm (0.006mm) – manufactured to 6.2-6.7μm (0.0062-0.0067mm)

– Use for brake, fuel, transmission and oil cooler lines

Golden Premium wiper blades

Golden Automotive Premium Multi Fit wiper blades have a frameless design and are manufactured to perform their peak in all weather conditions. They are easy to install and come standard with a Mutli type adapter that fits over 99% of vehicles on the road.


“We get all our shop material on garage supplies. Quick delivery lets us restock our shelves frequently. We had no idea how much are local parts store was charging us until we started to compare prices on this site. Saves us thousands of dollars per year.”

Mike Smith – Detroit Garage

“I love their line of Golden products! Our garage has been using these wipers for years. We have a nice rack set up and customers love them! We love the quick delivery, sometimes we make a order in the afternoon and it is at our door the next morning.”

Simon Williams – Revolution Auto Repairs


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