Meguiars Ultra Cut Compound M10532 M10501


Meguiars Ultra Cut Compound M10532

Meguiar’s® Mirror Glaze® M105 Professional Ultra-Cut Compound is great for removing scratches, defects, acidrain and severe swirls/holograms.

Exclusive, super-micro abrasive technology
Ultra-fast cutting removes 1200 or finer sanding marks
Super-micro abrasives leave best in class finish

8pc Cup Type Cartridge Oil Filter Wrench Set T75873


8pc Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench Set T75873

27mm / 6pt / Mercedes, Smart, 2.8L 3.2L & 3.6L V6 used in Cadillac CTS. STS, SRX, Buick Rendezvous Ultra, Buick LaCrosse CXS, Saturn L3000, Saab 9-5 & Mercedes 1.8L

32mm / 6pt / Mercedes, GM

36mm / 6pt / BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Mini, Volkswagen

76mm / 12pt / Honda, Mercedes

76mm / 14pt / Mecedes, AMC/JEEP/EAGLE, Chrysler, Dodge

86mm / 16pt / BMW, Volvo

93mm / 15pt / Audi, Nissan, Porche, Volvo, Volkswagen

75.6mm / 14pt / Mercedes

Drain Plug & Nylon Gasket Kit 178pcs K339


Drain Plug & Nylon Gasket Kit includes:

1 x Container
10x 7601 6x 7701
10x 7615 6x 7715
10x 7625 6x 7725
6x 7626 3x 8033
6x 7625 6x 7738
4x 7639 2x 7739
4x 7640 2x 7740
4x 7642 2x 7742
4x 7601 2x 7846
4x 7625 2x 7847
4x 7601 2x 7847
4x 7601 2x 7855
2x 7860 2x 7862
2x 8018 4x 6996
2x 7866 4x 8031
2x 8031 2x 7625
2x 7894 10x 2125OEM
10x 2126OEM 10×2051
10×2053 5x 2054

Wash & Wax 3.78 LT HT670-01


Wash & Wax 3.78 LT HT670-01

Professional Grade
Highly concentrated & Highly Foaming
Dilute up to 90:1
Carnuba wax infused
Part of the Bocar professional products family

Golden Premium wiper blades

Golden Automotive Premium Multi Fit wiper blades have a frameless design and are manufactured to perform their peak in all weather conditions. They are easy to install and come standard with a Mutli type adapter that fits over 99% of vehicles on the road.


“We get all our shop material on garage supplies. Quick delivery lets us restock our shelves frequently. We had no idea how much are local parts store was charging us until we started to compare prices on this site. Saves us thousands of dollars per year.”

Mike Smith – Detroit Garage

“I love their line of Golden products! Our garage has been using these wipers for years. We have a nice rack set up and customers love them! We love the quick delivery, sometimes we make a order in the afternoon and it is at our door the next morning.”

Simon Williams – Revolution Auto Repairs


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