Meguiars Final Inspection 16 oz 4L M3416 M3401


Meguiars Final Inspection 16 oz M3416

Spray and wipe for quick clean-up of compound polish and residue.

Fast, mist-on, wipe-off for a “Show Car Shine”
Use to evaluate paint repairs or to look for surface defects
Ideal for use before customer delivery
Excellent as clay lubrication

3M™ Perfect-It™ EX Rubbing Compound Quart 36060


3M™ Perfect-It™ EX Rubbing Compound Quart 36060

3M’s best rubbing compound when looking for EXtra performance: EXtra Cutting. EXtra Smooth Handling. EXtremely Easy to Use and Clean Up. Performs better than other compounds in all conditions, especially EXtreme conditions.

Unique formula quickly removes P1200 grade and finer sand scratches and other surface defects. The Perfect-It™ brand means this is 3M’s highest performing vehicle appearance product. Available in a convenient single job sized packet.

Bucket Grate HTRDS-1


Bucket Grate GGIN

Professional Grade
Keep wash mitts and brushes clean
Allows dirt and gritt to drop to bottom of bucket
Keeps rocks, gritt and dirt off mitts and brushes

Golden Premium wiper blades

Golden Automotive Premium Multi Fit wiper blades have a frameless design and are manufactured to perform their peak in all weather conditions. They are easy to install and come standard with a Mutli type adapter that fits over 99% of vehicles on the road.


“We get all our shop material on garage supplies. Quick delivery lets us restock our shelves frequently. We had no idea how much are local parts store was charging us until we started to compare prices on this site. Saves us thousands of dollars per year.”

Mike Smith – Detroit Garage

“I love their line of Golden products! Our garage has been using these wipers for years. We have a nice rack set up and customers love them! We love the quick delivery, sometimes we make a order in the afternoon and it is at our door the next morning.”

Simon Williams – Revolution Auto Repairs


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