12A A/C Cool Refrigerant EF12A


12A A/C Cool Refrigerant
EcoFrost 12A A/C Cool Refrigerant is an environmentally friendly replacement alternative for ozone depleting R-12 and global warming R134a products. It is non-toxic and non-ozone depleting. The 12A A/C Cool Refridgerant also contains high performance oil to improve system efficiency and Universal UV Dye to help with leak detection. 170 g / 6 oz

Cliplight Hemitech One Flashlight 223112


HEMITECH ONE™, the first worklight to use the new efficient and powerful Array LED technology. The benefits are clear: powerful, perfect circular beam, compact, and durable.

Charging station included

Optional 12 V DC charger & magnet

All parts user replaceable in minutes

Gravel Guard Black Proguard Proform PF532


A tough, medium textured coating to protect rocker panels and valence panels from stone chips and other road abrasion. Excellent adhesion to bare or painted metals and plastics. Seals out road noise and dirt.

Booster Pack 1700 Peak Amps 12v Jump Starter with Automatic Charging Feature JNC660 JUMP n Carry


JUMP n Carry Booster Pack 1700 Peak Amps 12v Jump Starter with Automatic Charging Feature JNC660

1700 Peak Amp
12 Volt Jump Starter
The JNC660 delivers 1700 Peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps of starting power and weighs just 18 lbs. Perfect for a variety of professional starting environments, including automotive service, fleet service, auto dealerships, auto auctions, marinas, implement dealerships and more. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s the choice of Pros the world around.
1700 Peak Amps
425 Cranking Amps
Clore PROFORMER battery technology
46″ #2 AWG welding cable leads
Industrial-grade clamps
Built-in charger
Automatic charging
Voltmeter provides charge status of onboard battery
12VDC outlet to power accessories
1 year limited warranty

Brake Fluid Dot 3 Cam2 Heavy Duty Brake Fluid


Super S DOT 3 Brake Fluid is a fully approved, DOT 3 type motor vehicle brake fluid suitable for use in all vehicles where DOT 3 fluids are recommended. It is suitable for both disc and drum brake systems.
Meets or exceeds standards #116 SAE J1703 and ISO 4925.


Power Steering Fluid Cam2


Super S Power Steering Fluid helps maintain efficiency, performance and the condition of power steering units. Super S Power Steering Fluid is blended with a high quality base oil and a balanced additive package to provide oxidation stability, anti-foam, and seal/hose compatibility. Super S Power Steering Fluid contains a unique friction modifier additive that has been shown to reduce power steering pump noise (squeal).

12 Oz. 355 ml

Golden Premium wiper blades

Golden Automotive Premium Multi Fit wiper blades have a frameless design and are manufactured to perform their peak in all weather conditions. They are easy to install and come standard with a Mutli type adapter that fits over 99% of vehicles on the road.


“We get all our shop material on garage supplies. Quick delivery lets us restock our shelves frequently. We had no idea how much are local parts store was charging us until we started to compare prices on this site. Saves us thousands of dollars per year.”

Mike Smith – Detroit Garage

“I love their line of Golden products! Our garage has been using these wipers for years. We have a nice rack set up and customers love them! We love the quick delivery, sometimes we make a order in the afternoon and it is at our door the next morning.”

Simon Williams – Revolution Auto Repairs


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