About Garage Supplies

Garage Supplies is a Canadian distributor of automotive parts. We are proud to offer you high quality products at low prices. We specialize in products such as: flex pipes, oil filters, wiper blades, halogen bulbs, brake line, window treatments, spark plugs and even more.

Outstanding Services

Enjoy our outstanding services thanks to our members with over 45 years of experience in the industry. Our goal is for the customer to receive high quality products in a quick and efficient matter, at below market prices. We offer every customer a personal sales associate to take full care of their needs.

Enjoy benefits such as

Exclusive offers

Personal Account

Free shipping on orders over $150.00

Free phone line (1-888-886-8292)

Garage Supplies is here to save you money and improve your profit. We have most complete supplies website in the country. Feel free to visit the website at any time as we are constantly adding new products each day to serve your needs. Take advantage of our countless promotions and visit our site at any time !