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Silver Grade Anti-Seize 76764

Brand: Permatex
Product Code: 76764
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PERMATEX Silver Grade Anti-Seize 76764

• a highly refined blend of aluminum, copper and graphite
• use for easy assembly and disassembly of metal parts
• prevents galling during assembly
• enables easier disassembly of parts exposed to high temperatures
• prevents rusting, cold welding and galvanic corrosion between assembled parts • resists most chemical and acid solutions, road salt, salt water, steam
• temperature range: -54°C to 870°C (-65°F to 1600°F) • USA Mil-Spec 907E (excluding aerosol)
Applications: Prevent seizing of exhaust system threads, spark plug threads, wheel studs, U-bolts, spring bolts, torque rod and pins, and similar automotive and marine applications.

454g brush-top can

Silver Grade Anti-Seize 76764

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